7 Reasons Why You Want an Updated Website

7 Reasons Why You Want an Updated Website

As a business, you’ve probably heard it over and over: the marketing mantra of how an updated website is important. Well, really, more than important. It’s “your best marketing tool”, a “worthwhile investment”, and “necessary in today’s world”.

Well, you’ve probably heard it so much because it’s true.

The fact is, over 80% of customers will go online and search for a product or business before visiting or buying. 80% – that’s well over half of your potential business. And this can’t really be ignored when thinking about your marketing strategy!

Need more convincing? Here’s some quick facts:

  • 57% of Internet users say they will not recommend a company with a poorly designed or out-dated website. (Formstack)
  • 88% of consumers will not return to a website after a bad experience. (Econsultancy)

You Can Only Make a First Impression Once

Think about the moment you walk into a room full of strangers. In the initial few seconds of meeting one of them, you make more than a few judgments. If given the chance to get to know that person more, those judgments will most likely shift, perhaps for the better. Perhaps for the worse. This is the same for your company’s website. When someone meets you for the first time through your website, they will make judgments that will heavily impact any purchasing decision. If the first impression is less than favourable, you will most likely not get a second chance.

What makes an impression on someone? Design. Colour. Organization. Responsive format. People will judge you based on what your site looks like. Next, they want to easily find the information they’re looking for, including contact information. If these things are not favourable in the initial moments of an online visit, it’s time to update.

Content is King

Despite our culture of flashy images, colourful designs and attention grabbing moments, content still reigns supreme in the world of advertising. Out-dated content affects your company in several ways – it affects how relevant your customer judges you to be. It affects your Search Engine Optimization (and therefore, your search ranking). And, it will either propel or repel your potential customer, making it the difference between making and not making a sale. Well-written, capturing copy is the one of the best things you can offer your customers online.

Give your website a read. Does it feel like a trek across the Sahara? If so, it’s time you refreshed your writing. Stale, desert-dry content will do nothing more than make someone look elsewhere.

Responsive Design

People will visit your website on a number of different devices and platforms, with the majority of your visitors (56%) using their mobile devices. Desktops, tablets, iPad, or mobile – and if your website does not adjust to the screen size, you will lose visitors. Find out more about the importance of responsive web design here!

New Websites are Easier to Update

As your company moves forward, there will probably be changes to your products and services, or perhaps locations. Therefore, you need to be able to regularly and easily update your website. New websites come with a simple and easy-to-use editing platform. Furthermore, Google tracks updated websites, using updates to index and rank websites in search results. And, because Google accounts for over 94% of all mobile and tablet searches made (NetMarketShare), you want to be on its good side with updates.

Visitors Want to Learn About You

With image options, video, and other means available on updated websites, you can better welcome visitors. They can learn more about you and your company, familiarizing themselves with who you are, encouraging them to visit you.

Your Competitors are Miles Ahead

If you don’t have a website but your competitor up the road does, they’re miles ahead.  To stay competitive, you need to keep up with the market and consumer trends – and websites drive the online business world. With the majority of people using online methods to contact and learn about a business’ products and services before visiting, this is the best way to reach audiences and remain competitive.

Can Link to all Means of Contact

Your updated website will be able to integrate all ways to contact you. You can link your website to each of your social media profiles, provide simple, easy contact forms, and ensure that every area of communication is available to visitors. Many people prefer to email, or sending a message rather than calling or just dropping by.

These days, it isn’t enough to just have a website. Modern design and useful information is key to having a positive, effective online presence.

Country Road Graphics has the team to design and build a professional, updated website for your business. Whether large or small, we can develop the website your company needs. Now until March 31, 2017, we’re offering three months free hosting with the purchase of a new professional website. Contact us today for more details!

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