Part One – Google Ranking: What Exactly IS it?

Part One – Google Ranking: What Exactly IS it?

Google Ranking. We all hear about it. We’re told it’s important. We’re told we need to care about it.

For most, however, these statements are clouded by unanswered questions surrounding the very foundational basics of Google Ranking:

  • What exactly IS Google Ranking?
  • How does it work?
  • How can I improve my company’s Google Ranking?

We’re going to tackle these questions one by one – and shed some light on this often-misunderstood world of Google Ranking!

What Exactly IS Google Ranking?

Google Ranking is how far down the list of “Search Results” your website appears on the page generated by Google (See image below for example of how search results are ordered and displayed by Google when a search is made). When a user types a search query into Google, Google generates a list of websites that are related to/will answer what was typed into the search bar and ranks these websites as most relevant (top spots) to least relevant.


How does Google Ranking Actually Play Out?

This is where scenarios are helpful! So, let’s say you own a spa and you have a website for your company. It has content, your contact information, pictures, etc.

Now, someone who lives in a town or two away from you decides they would like to get a massage. What is one of the first things they’re going to do? If they’re like nearly 50% of people, they’re going to go online and pull up the giant search engine’s website:

They type in the phrase “massage services in Lambton County” or “where to get a massage in Lambton County” or some other phrase with the keyword “massage”. Google is going to crawl through websites with locations close to where the person making the search is located and has these terms written in its website content. It will then generate and deliver a ‘Results Page’ for the user to scroll through. This page lists all the websites that are related to the terms typed in. The websites are listed in order from what Google considers to be the most relevant to the least.

As a company that has massage services, you want your website to be listed very near the top of this list.

Why? Because over 30% of users on both desktop and mobile platforms click on the website listed FIRST in a search result list. (Hubspot) This percentage decreases as you move down the search results page, with less than 10% of users going past the first page of results. (InFront)

Wondering what affects Google ranking and what Google evaluates when collecting search results? Stay tuned to our next blog in this Google Ranking series!

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