Part Two – Google Ranking: Tips on How to Improve Yours

Part Two – Google Ranking: Tips on How to Improve Yours

Now that we know what Google ranking is, the next question is: what affects my Google ranking? Or, what can I do to help improve my Google ranking?

Google considers a number of factors when evaluating a website’s ranking. While none of these measures are guaranteed to make your website show up in the first three results, they will go a long way in improving your ranking!

Good Content

Content is King. There is no way to get around that fact. Over the years, Google has programmed its algorithm to decipher between good content and bad content. Well-formed sentences, useful information, and a good amount of content are all key factors in making Google recognize your website.


Tied in very closely with good content are keywords. When a user types something into the Google search bar, Google takes these words and looks for matches within the content on websites. For example, if someone types in “manicure and pedicure places in Sarnia”, Google will use each of these keywords – manicure, pedicure, Sarnia – to evaluate which website will be most useful. Therefore, if you are a spa, you will want to have a listing of your services within your content, as well as the area you serve. Google will recognize those services and deem your website as relevant to that search. That being said, lists upon lists of products and services for the sake of having industry-specific keywords will not register well with Google because it recognizes that as poorly written content. Instead, try naturally integrating your services and other keywords into your content. You can find great tips on writing good website content that will help you with your Google rating on our past blog.

Regularly Updated

Once you have a website up, it’s not enough to leave that content for years and years. You will want to make regular updates to your content for fresh information. Google evaluates the age/frequency of updates to your website. How is this best done? A blog is a wonderful way to ensure your website is being regularly updated, and it also gives you limitless opportunity to integrate industry-specific key words and establish yourself as an expert!

Responsive Layout

Google evaluates whether or not your website is responsive – that is whether or not it adjusts to various platforms. If someone is accessing your website from their phone, desktop, or tablet, they should be able to easily see and navigate through your website. Google favours these types of websites, so having an updated and mobile-friendly design will go for miles in the world of Google ranking!

Google Business

Having a Google Business page will benefit your website. Because it’s under the Google umbrella, having a Google business page linked to your website and maps will aid you in acquiring more online visibility and ranking higher. Keeping all information on your Google business page is also important.

Responding to Reviews

Once you have a Google Business page set up, people can leave reviews about your business. These are immensely valuable to Google ranking! Respond to every review your business receives.

These are some of the things Google evaluates in its search ranking process. These are easy ways you can ensure that not only are you online, but that you’re visible. Country Road Graphics is here to help you with anything you need to improve your Google ranking! From building a new, mobile-friendly website to updating your blog with unique content or setting up a Google Business page, we can help! Contact us today!

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