The Good Ole Giveaways: Why Promotional Products Remain a Marketing Favourite

The Good Ole Giveaways: Why Promotional Products Remain a Marketing Favourite

The Good Ole Giveaways: Why Promotional Products Remain a Marketing Favourite

Do you still have that free pen you got at a tradeshow years back? Or how about that mousepad with a logo that sits on your desk everyday? Handy little things, aren’t they?

The long lasting effects of promotional products are what make them the long time marketing favourites of many companies and businesses. When it comes to raising brand awareness, promotional products are like that extra set of hands you’ve always wanted – doing a whole lot of advertising work when you’re not even thinking about it.

In a recent survey on Promotional Products, customer response demonstrated that promotional products were overwhelmingly useful in raising brand awareness and in bringing in revenue. Some of the numbers are as follows:

  • With promotional products received in the last 24 months, 89% of consumers can recall the name of the advertiser on a promotional product.
  • The effectiveness of other mediums is increased by 44% when accompanied by promotional products.
  • Promotional products are used at least once a week or more by 53% of consumers.
  • 58% of consumers keep a promotional product for a significant amount of time, ranging anywhere from one to more than four years.
  • 85% of consumers will do business with a company after receiving a promotional product from them.
  • 83% of consumers enjoy receiving a promotional product.

So, how do promotional products achieve these high numbers? Let’s take a look at the great characteristics of promotional products!

They Provide Tangibility – It is much easier to remember details about something you use and than things you only see or read. They literally put your brand in the hands of the customer and do not let them forget you as easily as they may forget other businesses whom they only hear about, see in a quick passing glance or whose booth they casually pass by at a trade show.

They’re Cost Effective – They can be worked into your marketing budget without breaking the bank. Promotional products bring your brand’s name into workplaces, homes and society at large. It advertises your logo, and has the potential to be seen by an unlimited number of people and expand your customer base. They can produce results tenfold of the investment value.

They are Continually Advertising – Promotional products fill the gap between when a customer interacts with your business on a personal basis and when they decide to make a purchase – an important gap where it can be difficult for business to make an impact. It’s beneficial to think about products that work well with your business and are used on a regular basis. For example, if you were a sports company, having customized shoelaces or socks would help your brand run for miles (literally!).

They’re Terrific Attention Grabbers – Promotional products offer businesses a way to get creative and to catch their customers’ attention. Pieces that are unique and set you apart from the rest of your industry competition will help keep you top of mind when consumers are looking for a company to do business with. At the end of the day, free items go over very well with people. And if it is a free item that is interesting or is very useful, it goes over even better!

Let your promotional products help push your business further ahead in retaining customers, spreading knowledge about your company and drawing in new customers! Give Country Road Graphics a call today, and we can develop a series of promotional products that work for your company; from bags to key tags and unit decals to pens, we can put your logo on anything!



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