Reevaluate your Logo, Revamp your Image and Reap the Rewards!

Reevaluate your Logo, Revamp your Image and Reap the Rewards!

Reevaluate your Logo, Revamp your Image and Reap the Rewards!

Spring is in the air! With the new season right around the corner, it may be time to breathe new life into your company’s look. Why not consider revamping your logo, making it a breath of fresh air for both first time viewers and those who have been with you for a while?

Your logo is the number one image people associate with your company, used to define your business in numerous ways: letterheads, business cards, websites, promotional products and everything in between. Additionally, many people will only see your logo for a second or two in passing, and you want to have a design that is both memorable and easily recallable. You are looking for a logo that is clear, recognizable, unique and eye-catching – not much of a big order, right?

Don’t be overwhelmed! When thinking about your logo, here are a few elements that will help you make your logo a standout!

Simplicity is Best – Keep it simple and straightforward. Create an image that people can grasp within a second or two, and better yet, be able to know something about your company’s personality within that moment. Don’t let your brand get bogged down in cluttered images and colours or distracting aspects. Leave the intricate details to other information outlets of your company, and have a simple yet impactful logo that people will remember.

Long-Term Consistency – Make it stable and consistent, able to work across all media outlets. Think about the longevity of your logo; pick characteristics that can be consistently adaptable and displayed across any advertising outlet. Humans are creatures of habit, and having your brand displayed consistently will assist with memory recall.

Make it One-of-a-Kind – You want to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Think of ways that your logo can be used to uniquely reflect your company, and have people immediately recognize and associate it with YOU. Don’t let your logo make it easy for audiences to mistake you for someone else or blend into the background of similar looking logos.

Fonts and Colours: Accessories Only – A strong logo is flexible. It can be printed on any object, in any size and in black and white or colour, and still make a lasting impression. While font and colour is important and can add a lot, don’t have a logo that is dependent on them. You may not always have the opportunity to print in colour or there may be slight variations in colour shades that can mess with your image. Having elaborate fonts that would be difficult to read in small sizes can also hinder your logo’s flexibility. They are meant to build the message, not be its only voice.

People see your company when they see your logo, associating so many things with just one small symbol. It is important to invest in your company’s image because it is with you for the long term, representing the heart and vision behind your company, enhancing your reputation, and building trust among customers.

If you’re looking to have a logo designed by a team of talented professionals, then give Country Road Graphics a call today, and we can begin designing a logo that will be perfectly suited to you and your business vision!

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