Thriving in a World of Technology:  Why Direct Mail is Still Alive and Well

Thriving in a World of Technology: Why Direct Mail is Still Alive and Well

Thriving in a World of Technology: Why Direct Mail is Still Alive and Well

We’ve all heard the doomsday forecasts for paper products, postal mail and paper advertising. Go ahead and build the funeral pyre, prepare the matches and gather round to watch the world of paper go up in a blaze of its former glory! Yet, if we stop and examine the evidence, we should (perhaps surprisingly) tuck those matches away, because when it comes to direct mail, not only is it surviving, it’s thriving. And consequently, it’s proving that simply because paperless advertising works, it does not automatically make paper obsolete.

Think of it more like a partnership. By utilizing both paper and paperless, businesses create a much stronger and more dynamic presence. Research overwhelmingly shows that direct mail is not only very effective, but a leader in gaining new customers and renewing business relationships.

So, why does direct mail remain so effective?

Direct mail does three things very well: it’s tangible, it’s fully visible and it makes a personal connection (something overwhelmingly easy to underrate in today’s age). When examined further, we find various reasons and benefits intertwined, revealing why direct mail consistently delivers!

Point of Contact – It gives your audience a single focal point for contact, making direct connection and providing straightforward direction on how to get into contact. Be sure to include all contact forms on your piece, giving people a chance to reach out to you in the way they’re most comfortable with. You are coming to your customers; make it easy for them to do the same for you!

Generate Response – With a tangible approach, customers are more likely to reach out to your company or renew an existing relationship. Direct mail puts your brand in your recipient’s hand and home, offering them the opportunity to sit down with you (maybe over coffee) and enjoy your offers at their leisure; however, don’t leave so much leisure time that you’ll be forgotten!

Strong Call to Action – Having a strong call to action will make your direct mail as effective as possible. Give your customers a reason to act on what you’ve sent them by designing an appealing, time-sensitive offer that stands out from the others. Rewarding early action will lessen the chance of your piece being forgotten!

Increased Loyalty – Adding the personalized touch will encourage loyalty from customers who have used your product in the past, reminding them of your services and products. There is more emotional connection with direct mail, and this goes far in establishing loyalty.

Increased Visibility – Having a piece of mail that catches the eye with standout lettering or images makes a larger impact than forms of advertising that don’t make that strong first impression, such as an e-mail title. Recognizable patterns, colours or logos for your company can go a long way in letting your recipient know you’re someone they can trust to deliver your product with consistency.

Higher Quality – With direct mail, it is easier to ensure that your brand is delivered and viewed in the clearest and fullest way possible. E-mail makes it difficult to know if your image is being viewed in its entirety or, because of different screen resolutions, that the colours are being seen in their fullest capacity. Furthermore, e-mail settings will often block images from unknown senders, making it hard to know if recipients are really seeing you.

Less Chance of Being Drowned Out – Don’t get lost in the long list of junk mail and spam items sent to people’s inboxes daily! Because less mail is sent to a mailbox than an e-mail inbox, fewer items need to be filtered through to get to your item, lessening the chance that your voice will be drowned out.

If you’re looking to boost your business’ presence and make a direct connection with your customers, then contact Country Road Graphics today and we can build and deliver your personalized direct mail campaign!


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