Websites Working for You: The Importance of Responsive Websites in an Ever Updating World

Websites Working for You: The Importance of Responsive Websites in an Ever Updating World

Websites Working for You: The Importance of Responsive Websites in an Ever Updating World

Nothing seems to move and change more quickly than our world of technology. We have hardly gotten used to the latest device when upgrades and new products are available! We can now access the Internet from a large number of devices – smartphones, laptops, tablets and more. Building and maintaining a website that provides the flexibility needed to keep up with these trends can, at times, be overwhelming! Using a responsive website delivers the best user experience and ensures that your business keeps in step with the ever updating online world where users may only give websites a few seconds of consideration, require quick and easy information or make purchases while on the go!

So, what exactly is a responsive website?

A responsive website essentially responds to a web user’s actions and wants by adapting itself to fit various devices, making reading and navigation easier. For example, if you move from accessing a website on a desktop to accessing it on a mobile device, the site will automatically adjust to the difference in screen size, resolution and orientation. Responsive websites create a smooth transition between devices for users while delivering the same level of expertise and finesse across all platforms. By offering this flexibility, responsive websites encourage familiarity with the website and ultimately aids in developing trust and strengthening the relationship between customer and business.

Responsive websites offer a number of benefits for both large
and small businesses!

1. Improvement of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Google, and other search engines, prefer responsive websites and use ‘mobile friendliness’ as a ranking method since research states that the majority of phone owners use their device to go online. Taking steps to improve SEO is beneficial because web users are more likely to click on top-ranked websites instead of filtering through a number of results pages. A responsive website also eliminates the need for a separate mobile website/domain name, aiding in the sharing of websites and lessening the potential for complicated redirects and losing ‘click-through’ visitors!

2. Better prepared for future development
A responsive website offers the best means to stay current and updated because it adjusts and formats itself to suit any web accessing tool. As new means of accessing the Internet continually develop, responsive websites offer the best way forward for web accessibility, ensuring your business is prepared to meet Internet users where they are and on any device!

3. A cost effective investment
Responsive websites offer long term results, reaching a larger number of web users and surviving significantly longer!  It also offers a unified approach since management, upgrading and support only has to be applied to one website, rather than to two or more. This method saves you both time and money!

Let your website do the work for you – it adjusts and responds to customer’s needs and wants, giving your business a base of users who not only trust your website’s method but will more likely return to it on several devices, improving both SEO and fostering customer loyalty!

If you’re looking to develop a website for your business which will offer the best user experience and prepare your business for future developments in technological devices, then give Country Road Graphics a call, and let our team develop the perfect responsive website for your business!


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