What’s the Best Marketing Medium for Your Business?

What’s the Best Marketing Medium for Your Business?

What’s the Best Marketing Medium for Your Business?

You’ve spent hours planning your marketing budget, days defining important key performance metrics, and what feels like an eternity massaging your brand message. But, at last, the work has paid off and you’re ready to go to market and begin promoting your latest product or service.

There’s just one problem. You’ve yet to decide on which medium is best suited to your business message.

Should you tweet your big news, or purchase a billboard? Is a website the best way to garner exposure for your organization, or would hardcopy brochures be a more suitable channel for your target audience? When it comes to marketing and promoting your business, your chosen medium can often make or break your message – so don’t be hasty! Take the time to review your options fully in order to reap the highest returns on your marketing dollar investment.

Marketing Mediums Worth Considering

From digital media to traditional print, here are just a few marketing mediums worth considering as part of your go-to-market plan.


From billboards to the marker above your door, signage is a great way to draw attention to your business. What’s more, constantly seeing your businesses’ sign day-in and day-out is a great way to raise brand recognition and awareness. Unlike commercials, magazine ads, and PPC campaigns, you can’t flip the channel, turn the page, or scroll past a physical sign. Therefore, it’s much harder for people to ignore your message. What’s more, you get the added benefit of repetition. This is because people are creatures of habit – when it comes to traveling to and from places, they tend to stick to a similar route. This means increased exposure to your message, a must-have when considering the benefits of a marketing medium.

Sales Sheets

Need to get your key value proposition across in a quick and concise manner? Then a sales sheet could be just the marketing material you need. The perfect package for important information, a well-designed sales sheet will present your product in a manner that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand. Jam-packed with compelling features, benefits and call to actions, sales sheets can have a major influence on your ROI.

Online Media

If your business doesn’t have a web presence, does it really exist at all? That might sound like a modern take on a Chinese proverb, but it couldn’t be closer to the truth! When it comes to smart marketing and promotions, digital is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to get your message out. From a corporate website and company blog, to a user-friendly Facebook page or cleverly curated Pinterest account, digital media and online marketing makes it easy to build a community around your brand. Just don’t push your message too hard. Digital mediums are all about dialogue and networking; people share information, products and recommendations that they believe in. So don’t bother trying to pull a fast one! Instead, be honest, informative and accessible to your followers. Digital media, social networking, and online communities are the best mediums for conversation and collaboration.

Business Stationary

You might think the business card is dead, but here at CRG, we know better! Business cards, along with other forms of office stationary, are the cornerstone of a strong brand. While they might not have the same targeted marketing purpose as an ad or a billboard, business cards are often the first piece of collateral that a prospect will see. As such, it’s important that this small (but mighty!) calling card look polished and professional.

So, which medium is right for your business? Well, that depends on the message you’re trying to convey. From sales announcements to product launches, the team of marketing professionals at CRG are here to help you craft the right communications, using the medium best suited to your needs. Contact our offices today to learn more.

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